We woud like a simple contact report which, rather than showing a single row for each custom field (with repeating contact name on each row), shows a single row for the contact and shows all the repeating custom data in a single cell.

Could anyone share a simple reporting template example that does this?

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I've investigated this myself, but haven't had to do it yet. Broadly, you would use the GROUP_CONCAT MySQL function. You can see examples of this being used on core contribution reports for displaying multiple credit card types for contributions paid in multiple installments with different cards.

I also have a fork of the salutations extension that provides a UI for exporting multiple-record custom groups as part of an export. Instead of putting all the data in a single cell, I break the data out into multiple columns, but all on the same row.

You could also use the SQL Tasks extension to generate the report using pure SQL, if you need a quicker solution and can trade off some configurability.

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