I have the same problem as at http://forum.civicrm.org/index.php/topic,32608

I have created a tokenValues hook to fetch the value of a field from a multi-record custom field set. I have the token hook embedded within a message template. The hook works fine and correctly populates the value if I trigger it from Actions->Send an email. But when triggered by a Scheduled Reminder based on x days before end of membership, the value is not filled in within the email that goes out.

I have logging within the token hook which shows that the hook is being called and is populating the returned array with the correct value. I tried to debug further, but I can't figure out from where the tokenValues function is being called. So I can't figure out why the behavior is different for Action->Send an email vs Scheduled Reminders.

If necessary, I can work around this by running a script to push the value I want into a non multi-record field, as regular custom fields work fine. But obviously that's a bit of a cludge, and this seems like a bug in CiviCRM.

This is a different issue than that described at Token not evaluating in CiviMail - that's discussing custom field permissions, which aren't a problem here.

  • I forgot to mention: the tokenValues hook, when called, is passed a $context value of 'CRM_Activity_BAO_Activity'
    – Norris
    Commented Jun 27, 2015 at 15:27

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I ran into a similar issue of custom tokens not populating for scheduled reminders. The workaround in Brian Shaughnessy's comment on CRM-11153 fixed it for me:

early in tokenValues put:

$single = false;
if (!is_array($contactIDs)) {
    $contactIDs = array( $contactIDs );
    $origValues = $values;
    $single = true;

then at the very bottom put:

if ($single) {
    $values = $origValues + $values[$id];

$id may be something different in your hook implementation.

Other recent comments on that issue suggest that a fix may find its way into CiviCRM core.

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