I am trying to add a menu entry in the navigation, but this is causing the navigation menu to disappear, I am trying to debug the code but could not find any particular file.

I have checked the following:

  • Browser's Javascript Console
  • CiviCRM logs from ConfigAndLog folder
  • Apache2 log

Is there anything else I should check? Is there any way I can print the data in the extension_civicrm_navigationMenu(&$params) function?

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(Update) As of v4.7.0, the approaches below still work, but there's a better way to write to the log file using a PSR-3 logger, e.g.:

Civi::log()->info('Hello, log!');
Civi::log()->error('I'm sorry, {name}. I'm afraid I can't do that.', array(
  'name' => 'Stanley Kubrick',

See also: https://civicrm.org/blog/totten/the-static-is-dead-long-live-the-static

To write out to CiviCRM's ConfigAndLog folder, one can use either:

CRM_Core_Error::debug_log_message('hello log');
CRM_Core_Error::debug_var('name', $var);

There's also an experimental PSR-3 logger (CRM_Utils_SystemLogger) which writes out to the database (table civicrm_system_log), e.g.

$log = new CRM_Utils_SystemLogger();
$log->info("hello log");
$log->error("I'm sorry, {name}. I'm afraid I can't do that.", array(
  'name' => 'Stanley Kubrick',

If the debug statement is temporary (won't be committed/redistributed), then you can usually use CMS-specific functions (like Drupal devel's dpm() or Joomla's JLog).

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