How is the Constituent Type defaulted on user to contact synchronization. I've matched up Drupal roles to contact groups but when I synchronize the user, I get an error on display caused by a missing constituent type. When I added a constituent type for the new user/contact, the problem was fixed. Does the constituent type have to be mandatory? Or is there a default method for constituent types?

  • More on the constituent type challenge - it seems constituent type is a required setting when you add a contact directly in civicrm first. When I added another user in drupal first, and did not check any roles, it works ok. But when I add a user in drupal first and select at least one role (beyond authorized), there is a database error, but the user to contact synchronization works anyway but just without the groups added. Is this a bug? – barbaraec Jun 29 '15 at 1:58

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