I'm hoping to confirm that I understand the following correctly, based on this description:

  1. I have an event with a scheduled reminder set to go at a certain time before the event. A contact who registers after that time, and before the event starts, will get the scheduled reminder. A contact who registers at any time after the event will not get the scheduled reminder. Is this correct?

  2. After that, if I set up a scheduled reminder to go at a certain time after the event, then all event participants will get that email once that time has passed. Is that also correct?

  3. Further, point 2 is true even if I set up the scheduled reminder after that time has passed. Is this also correct?

Thanks for your help! (Civi 5.24.4, Drupal 7.70)

PS - apologies if I've missed something in the documentation that answers this level of detail. I looked here without success.

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1) Yes. If you have a reminder 2 weeks before saying "Just 2 weeks before our fabulous event ..." then you don't want that being sent to your last-minute registrants.

2) Yes. Your before and after reminders are independent.

3) Not sure, but I doubt it. If you set it before the sending time then it would be sent. ie if it is now one week after the event and you configure something to go out 2 weeks after the event it should work.

Small updates to the docs are easy so if you can add useful information there, please do.

  • as I read it, in 1/ Andy is saying they 'will' get this, and you are saying in 1/'yes' but that 'you don't want that being sent' - not sure as I read it that the answer quite fits. could just be me
    – petednz - fuzion
    Jun 10, 2020 at 19:11
  • To the question "is this correct?": I'm saying yes, that's correct that someone who registers after the event will not get a reminder set for sometime before the event. However, re-reading the question I was answering as if the 2nd sentence of 1) said they will not get the mail, along with a reason why. But you're right - that's not what Andy is saying. Now I'm questioning whether they get the mail or not too!
    – Aidan
    Jun 10, 2020 at 19:32

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