This is my first post for CiviCRM.

Hi to all.

I have seen others post related and nowadays the problem remain.

Different from this post: REST API: Unable to decode supplied JSON - with wordpress I got always the same response "Unable to decode supplied JSON".

I tried clear installation with Joomla and also Backdrop, and both works correctly.

I am not a good programmer but I tried to do some stuff myself, here you what I prepared on my little server:

WordPress+CiviCRM with the problem: link clear installation

WordPress+CiviCRM fixed myself: custom

Here you what I modified to the file REST.php...

after line 326

    if (array_key_exists('json', $requestParams) && $requestParams['json'][0] == "{") {
      $params = json_decode($requestParams['json'], TRUE);

my modification start here

      $new_requestParams= $requestParams['json'];

      $new_requestParams= str_replace("\\", "", $new_requestParams);
      $new_requestParams= str_replace("\\", "", $new_requestParams);

      $params = json_decode($new_requestParams, TRUE);

I practically saw a lot of "\" before the JSON DECODE.

So removing this "\" now works regularly.

If you wish can check directly on both sites: Clear ---->

Custom --->

The user and password are both same: admin / admin

And also siteKey and api_key are always: a42bfc2b33cf13184711bff14fe1fb19

Regards Roberto T.

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The correct endpoint for WordPress is wp-json/civicrm/v3/rest. Its documented in the developer manual, see https://docs.civicrm.org/dev/en/latest/api/v3/wp-rest/#endpoints. When you just copy the URL that is suggested in the API explorer you are left in the dark.

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