Similar to contact id, I find that it would often be beneficial to add the case id to a webform for email submitted via a webform. Is there a token or a work-around to add the case id for pre-existing cases to a webform that updates a case?

Hopefully to add some clarity: I am currently trying to create a rule that sends out an email when a webform is submitted. In order to add a link to the relevant data in the email, I need the case id. If I can get the case id on the webform itself, then I can use tokens to populate the case in the email. So, much like contact id is an option under each contact on the webform, I'd like the case id as an option. enter image description here

Example: I load a prefilled webform with a url ending in ?cid2=XXX&case1=XXXX. On that webform, there is a field that displays the case id. I create a rule to send the submission once that form is submitted and include a link to edit relevant info by forming the link the same way ?cid2=XXX&case1=XXXX in the email sent out.

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