Referring to the snippet below, how do I get the controller function (DashboardController) to 'wait' for the return from crmApi? I've debugged enough to know crmApi returns the results I like, but DashboardController exits before I set self.user.

I'm weak on promises, but perhaps I also need to find a better place to call crmApi? Is it a better practice to call crmApi within, e.g., angular.module('tournament').config(['$routeProvider' ...

angular.module('tournament').component('dashboard', { templateUrl: '~/tournament/dashboard/dashboard.template.html', controller: ['$routeParams', 'crmApi', function DashboardController($routeParams, crmApi) { var self = this;

  // e.g., dashboard/43
  if ($routeParams.userId !== undefined) self.userId = $routeParams.userId;

  self.user = crmApi('Contact', 'getsingle', {
    "sequential": 1,
    "return": ["display_name","modified_date"],
    "id": self.userId
        // Success
        function(result) { 
            return result; // How can I get self.user to 'wait' for this return?
        // Failure
        function (error) { 
            CRM.alert(ts('Could not get user record ID of %1, error = %2', {1: userId, 2: error}),ts('Not Found'),'error'); 

] });

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I finally remembered that promises return callbacks. So, instead of

return result

in the then of the crmApi promise, using

self.user result

does exactly what I need.

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