I have a structure in which an umbrella organization has a few dozen clubs which have members. And it has some departments some of the members have a relation to.

Now if I would want one of the admins to have some access to information in the departments, I would have to add the department as a relationship with the proper access rights. This is a tedious job and might lead to faults. I would like to have an intermediate level grouping and departments, but then I am limited to the two degreesenter image description here

I have tried to draw a picture.


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I will add my answer as an Answer.

The Permissioned Relationship extension does let it go multiple layers


The "why" question is fairly straightforward in an open source, community supported and community developed software world: because so far no one wanted more levels badly enough to develop or fund the development of an extensions for it :-)

But I would certainly recommend playing with the extension that @petednz recommended, and check if you can achieve your requirements.

And obviously you are very welcome to develop/fund the development of an extension that introduces more levels.

  • I was faintly aware of the open source, community supported and community developed software environment. ;-) I just wanted to check whether there were grave architectural issues when this would be developed. But I am very happy with @petednz-fusion's answer. Commented Jul 24, 2020 at 17:39

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