We have a site with tax and invoicing enabled on contribution settings. Drupal 7 civi 5.24.6

Where there is just one item to purchase on a page. The totals and subtotals appear as expected...

Payment amounts from Contribution confirmation page contribution page- payments amounts 1 item

Payment amounts from confirmation email confoirmation email- payment info 1 item

But when multiple taxable items are available on a contribution page the taxable subtotals show incorrectly...

Payment amounts from Contribution confirmation page contribution page- payments amount 2 items Here the total VAT (tax) amount shows as £260, when it should be £520- but both line items show correctly and the Payment Total is the correct overall total

Payment amounts from confirmation email email confoirmation- 2 line items The email acknowledgement for these items is even more broken The amount before tax shows £2860 instead of £2600, basically a tax amount has been added here. total VAT line is fine at £520, but the Total Tax line is only showing £260

Again the overall total is correct.

Anyone any idea where these different amounts are being drawn from? How to correct this?

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    There's been recent work on this area. I live in a country where most NGOs don't collect tax, but a) try upgrading a test site to CiviCRM 5.27 when it comes out later today and see if it helps; b) ask in the ~financial channel chat.civicrm.org; c) tax calculation code is changing in Civi 5.28, you may want to test the release candidate as well. Commented Jul 1, 2020 at 16:52

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This issue is reported at https://lab.civicrm.org/dev/core/-/issues/1603 and there was a fix merged into 5.27 which is scheduled to be out today, unfortunately the fix was reverted since it created regression bug.

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