Does anyone have the correct CSS Selectors for these 3 buttons? I want to remove the icons (they don't display on all browsers) and change the overall style of the buttons to match buttons on the rest of the site.

https://wordpress-435088-1363156.cloudwaysapps.com/join/ https://wordpress-435088-1363156.cloudwaysapps.com/volunteer-scpa/

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    Hi Larry, I can see that you're missing some styling on your icons. I'm not sure if it's related (but likely): you have a lot of javascript errors on the join page - it looks like the CiviCRM javascript (which is essential to the proper functioning) is not being loaded for those pages. Jul 7, 2020 at 5:42

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It should be something like

div.crm-submit-buttons i { display: none; }
div.crm-submit-buttons span { /* your styling */ }
div.crm-submit-buttons input { /* your styling */ }

If you want it specific to the page you'd add something like div.crm-contribution-page-id-1 or div.crm-profile-name-volunteer_interest in front.


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