I have it turned on to have recaptcha on the anonymous registration pages, and it doesn't show on the renewal page once logged in, like it is supposed to. When I actually try to submit a renewal, it get a console error of

recaptcha__en.js:247 Uncaught Error: No reCAPTCHA clients exist.
    at Array.<anonymous> (recaptcha__en.js:247)
    at Array.<anonymous> (recaptcha__en.js:13)
    at submit (civicrmStripe.b4942341a5b9c992b168cbcd8ee4b5fd.js:485)
    at HTMLInputElement.submitButtonClick (civicrmStripe.b4942341a5b9c992b168cbcd8ee4b5fd.js:403)

I tried to disable recaptcha on the site, even removing the API keys to even prevent the lookup, and I still get this same error. This started after the last 5.26 update, and continues on with the 5.27.0 update using Wordpress.

Edit: I discovered this only happens when I am using Stripe, it works fine when using PayPal. I would prefer to keep using Stripe, but I still haven't been able to isolate the issue.



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