Does anyone have image editing enabled in Mosaico through TinyMCE?

I assume it is possible through Mosaico Toolbar Configurator.

Additionally, what would be truly wonderful is if there was a way to crop images within Mosaico to a specific aspect ratio. One big problem we have is users who are unable or unwilling to crop images on their computer, especially to a specified aspect ratio. If there were some way to make this possible in Mosaico, that would save a lot of headache.

As far as I can tell, this isn't possible in TinyMCE image editor. In MoxieManager for TinyMCE, it is in theory possible to specify the width of an image and then crop to a specific height, but that relies on either carefully selecting exactly the height you want or entering it (which doesn't allow you to select the image area to crop to).

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I implemented an image editor which you can grab here: https://github.com/lcdservices/biz.lcdservices.mosaicoimageeditor

I built it for a specific client and have not yet tested how portable it is in other installations. But at the very least it should get you started.

Actually -- just reviewing it, and the method for storing the image via API is client specific. At some point I'll generalize it so it's useful for the community. It implements: https://github.com/scaleflex/filerobot-image-editor

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