Is any anyone free to help with the work on the templates, we have one template we need to amend, make it a single column layout. Then build another template as a copy with blocks in a different order

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    Have you checked civicrm.org/extensions/email-template-builder yet? It also has a link to the demo template creation vimeo.com/156633077 – jitendra - fuzion Jul 30 at 11:41
  • Since Julie mentions Actions I wonder if she means a Message Template, not a CiviMail Template. Julie, which is it? I don't think Mosaico helps with the first though will be happy to be told I am wrong – petednz - fuzion Jul 30 at 20:46
  • Hi Yes its a message template that we have built, from a civi action. Mosaico would not help with this, so correct. – Julie Boorman Sep 25 at 22:43

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