We sent a mass mailing under 5.27.0 (Wordpress) and the email Click Through links were invalid as noted earlier. They did however include our domain.

We upgraded to 5.27.3 and the links are still invalid. They appear to be missing our domain, e.g.


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    I just tried this on 5.27.3 and it worked for me, with a very standard email setup. I added a link, clicked the link when the email arrived and the click thru worked & was recorded by Civi. What's your email setup?
    – Andy Clark
    Jul 31 '20 at 15:31
  • Interesting! Our mailer configuration uses mail(). We've not made any recent changes to the CiviMail configuration and it worked prior to 5.27.0.
    – Todd Scott
    Jul 31 '20 at 20:47
  • My setup is Drupal, should have said that
    – Andy Clark
    Aug 1 '20 at 7:14

I've not seen this myself (domain missing) but the base page is missing as well from your link.

I'd review the following:

After all that is complete, visit a contribution or event page and be sure it displays. I'd then try a test email.

  • Wow. Adding a blank CiviCRM page in Wordpress made the mass mailing tracking work. (The base page was properly set). I did not expect that.
    – Todd Scott
    Aug 4 '20 at 18:12

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