In the module update page in Drupal, it is shown as not compatible.

If so, what is the minimal configuration for webform_civicrm 7.x-5.1? (I will update Drupal soon, but in the meantime, I prefer to update the module, if possible)

  • Where does it say it's not compatible? If there is something confusing on the drupal project page - let me know and I'll edit it. BTW you will want to run Drupal Security Updates -> to Drupal 7.72 as well as CiviCRM Security Updates... (5.24.x and on Aug 19 -> 5.28.x) – KarinG - Semper IT Aug 6 at 14:51

I dont see any thing on module page that it says not compatible with 7.67 and Civi 5.19. The minimum requirement for 5x is CiviCRM 5.12+ and you are on 5.19. So i dont see any reason why it wont support.

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  • thanks Pradeep, that's also what I read and thought. I'll update safely. – Guillaume Sorel Aug 6 at 14:45

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