I just switched a CiviCRM installation over to Amazon AWS's SES email service, which will ONLY send our from verified domain email addresses. The CiviMail forward-to-a-friend link form assumes the email can come from the sender's address. (And this is all a bit of a security concern regarding misuse of an email server, too.)

No matter what I do, the form returns the error "Mailing is not forwarded to the given email address."

The version of the form which "ships" with CiviCRM does not allow for the from email address to be changed anywhere, and does not seem to include the Display Name of a sender.

  1. I attempted to edit ForwardMailing.php to use the server's default email address as the from address (hard coded; better if could be system variable); I think perhaps I only have it displaying that address but it still is trying to use the recipient's address
 if ($hash) {
      $emailId = CRM_Core_DAO::getfieldValue('CRM_Mailing_Event_DAO_Queue', $hash, 'email_id', 'hash');
      $this->_fromEmail = 'ouraddress@AWSverifiedexampledomain.org';
    //$fromEmail = CRM_Core_DAO::getfieldValue('CRM_Core_DAO_Email', $emailId, 'email');
      $this->assign('fromEmail', $fromEmail);
  1. I would like it to show as sent by our server "on behalf of Display Name " and then in the text say that "DisplayName is forwarding you this email."
  2. Is there a way to have the optional comment fields expanded by default on the form? They are not very obvious to most users.

Thanks in advance.

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