Is there a way to compare Fields in CiviRule? I need a rule that adds a relationship based on the identity of a field. Something like "compare if new contact has an external ID that already exists and then link them together as partner organizations".

Is this possible?

(I found this old post back to '17)

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Yes you can do some comparison in CiviRules using the Field Value Comparison condition. Assuming that your external ID is a custom field (in CiviCRM an external identifier has to be unique....) you might be able to work your way through. It might mean you have to develop a specific condition though.

And please note that the "link them together as a partner organization" is an action, not a condition :-) And it will definitely be bespoke development, but possible.

  • thanks Erik. I managed in a different way but this was an opportunity to discover the Field Value Comparison and use it in the future. Commented Aug 20, 2020 at 8:00

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