I see an Export link when I go to Administer menu » Automation » Form Processors, but it seems like you need to write an extension to move the form between sites. Is this my only option?

As a related question, can I reorder my actions?


An alternative method for quick copies is this:

  • Press the Export button. Save the resulting JSON text to a file.
  • Copy the file to the new server.
  • Go to Support menu » Developer » API Explorer v3.
  • Select an Entity of FormProcessorInstance and an Action of Import.
  • In parameters, set Specification File to the absolute file path (on disk) to the JSON file.
  • Press Execute. Note the value returned for new_id.

To break the connection to the file (so it can safely be deleted), remove the source_file value for the corresponding record using the new_id above:

  • In API Explorer, change the Action to Create.
  • Set ID to the new_id value from above.
  • For your second parameter, select Other and enter source_file for the name. Leave the value blank. See screenshot below.
  • Press Execute.

Reordering actions

You can export your form processor as above, and manually edit the JSON to reorder your actions. Be careful about putting actions below another action that depends on its output. Once you're happy with your edits, import per the instructions above.

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    good to know Jon G could answer your question - suspect not many other folk could – petednz - fuzion Aug 27 '20 at 20:34

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