Why do I get this error message when simply modifying a contact?

Obviously there is no "Arr" currency in Civicrm. This is a new message.

Any thoughts ?


Looks the record has 'Arr' stored in currency field either in contribution or financial transaction table.

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  • ok I'll have a look. I'm wondering how this happened – Guillaume Sorel Sep 10 at 16:32
  • Any custom module? – Pradeep Nayak Sep 10 at 16:56
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    it may be the currency that pirates use? how much is that ship? 'ohh, that be 7000 gold Arrs' – petednz - fuzion Sep 10 at 20:02
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    Currency store 3 chars and it got truncated from Array – Pradeep Nayak Sep 10 at 20:03
  • Sept 19 is talk like a pirate day so maybe it will fix itself on the 20th. – Demerit Sep 10 at 20:53

This is not really an "answer" but we solved this issue by removing an extra '?' in a contribution amount field in the database. It seems that it comes from importing the contacts but the field was empty in the csv import file. :-/ the mystery is still there but the error message not.

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