Since I upgraded from 5.24.4 to CiviCRM 5.28.2, roughly since end of August 2020, I have been finding a lot of errors in the log when Anonymous users attempt to access mysite.com/civicrm/mailing/url.

  • If I go to this URL myself (as an admin) I get the CiviCRM error box with the message "Error: Could not find valid value for u".
  • If I go there as Anonymous I get the same error message on a blank white screen.
  • On 5.24.4 Anonymous gets 'Access Denied' which is sensible, and Admin gets a list of current mailings.

What should this URL do?

Presumably 5.28.2 has introduced a bug?


What should this URL do?

This URL is used to track the number of clicks done on the URL included in mailings.

When the URL is included in mailing, it is in the format of civicrm/mailing/url?qid=<mailing_queue_id>&u=<url_id>

If there is no URL id (u parameter), use of the above link is invalid, hence the error.

So i think you should never have this URL without u query string in it. How do you get this URL from?

  • I don't understand where it is coming from. I see an error in the log saying that user Anonymous was trying to access that URL. – maynardsmith Sep 19 '20 at 15:02

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