I am struggling setting up bounce handling with my webhost who can't handle VERP. I have set up a catch-all mail account with filter, and all bounced messages sent my civimail arrive in this account. I can send emails, cronjob(fetch bounces) seems successful, but nothing appears in bounce reports. In the account somehow a new folder appeared called Civimail and has 2 subfolders: ignored and processed The bounce mails don't even have unique ID in their header. They look like this: "delivered-to:[email protected]" What am I missing here? According to this is should work: https://flossmanualsfr.net/civicrm/email-system-configuration/

I only have Cpanel to work with.

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For current documentation, see https://docs.civicrm.org/sysadmin/en/latest/setup/civimail/

How are you sending your mails out? If you use a service like Mailgun or SparkPost then there are extensions to handle the bounces without needing to configure your own bounce inbox processing.

  • I am using plain SMTP, so I think I need to configure this somehow. I just need more info as the description in the linked docs don't seem to work:-( Commented Sep 24, 2020 at 9:22

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