Just migrated a WordPress site to a new server. When we try to create, edit or adjust a template that uses Mosaico we cannot get the following (this is from the edit mosaico templates page and the console shows 404 errors.

template screen

Console 404 errors

We have done the following:

  • Checked both directories & resource urls settings. We have also put hte full paths in these settings
  • Cleared Cache
  • Reinstalled Mosaico & Flexmailer
  • Upgraded CiviCRM from 5.28.2 to 5.28.4

It seems Mosaico cannot load the requested


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It turns out the issue was being caused by the resource url for the extensions directory. The path was set correctly but the resource url had a typo. The extension directory was not the standard /ext. Once the resource url was corrected and the cache cleared all works fine.

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