There's an API call System.utf8conversion which will change all your tables to MySQL/MariaDB's utf8mb4 format, i.e. full unicode with emoji support, rather than the incomplete utf8 implementation of old.

I ran this and it worked fine but then found that when I add a custom fieldset, that table is set to the old UTF8 charset.

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Incomplete UTF8 support is hard coded into the core code before 5.33 (thanks @michaelmcandrew!).

The solution seems to be to re-run the System.utf8conversion routine

  • Pre 5.33: do this after any time you create a field/fieldset (including anytime you install an extension that creates a custom field/fielset)
  • 5.33+ do this once, then the only time it should be needed again is if an extension hard-codes the old UTF8 in place.

Note that you can use the uh-oh extension to help discover whether your db uses the old UTF8 stuff.


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