Mail sends out with a header that contains click here to view online and links to http://www.example.com/civicrm/mailing/view?reset=1&id=77

Within their email client, the link takes them to the appropriate page, however that page includes click here to view online which links to http://www.example.com/civicrm/mailing/%22http://www.example.com/civicrm/mailing/view?reset=1&id=77%22.

This incorrect links takes them to a CiviMail search page.

Preferably, I'd like to hide the header and the footer from the generated web page rather than correct the url, but I'd be happy either way.

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Try wrapping those items in <span class="hiddenElement"> </span>. Civi's css will hide it on your website, but email clients will not.

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