I've tried asking this on drupal stackoverflow but without any luck. Maybe somebody here had the same use case.

I have a reverse proxy server (let's call it PROXY) and a server running Drupal 7 (DRUPAL).

I want to configure DRUPAL to enable traffic through PROXY, so that my users can access Civicrm hosted on drupal by visiting http://PROXY-URL.com

I've managed to set it up, but now when I want to log into CiviCRM site through PROXY - the site manages to show me the login portal, but I can't login and the site is showing me the CORS error (https://imgur.com/FLxIMNJ.jpg)

My DRUPAL settings:

  • base_url is set
  • reverse_proxy is set to True
  • reverse_proxy_addresses = array('') (so DRUPAL machine localhost?)
  • reverse_proxy_header = 'HEADER_X_FORWARDED_ALL';

PROXY settings:

https://i.imgur.com/uM855rL.jpg https://imgur.com/IEAkxhI.jpg

Maybe it's not the CORS problem but with the reverse proxy configuration?

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