I need a particular type of report which I could not find in core or extended reports.

So I thought of modifying the core report PHP and place it in custom PHP directory. I have manage to add "payment instrument" filter to this particular report.

        'payment_instrument_id' => array(
        'title' => ts('Payment Instrument'),
        'type' => CRM_Utils_Type::T_INT,
        'operatorType' => CRM_Report_Form::OP_MULTISELECT,
        'options' => CRM_Contribute_PseudoConstant::paymentInstrument(),

However, I need to add another item to the group to filter the result limited to recurring contribution. It could be a checkbox or a Yes/No. Can anyone suggest how can I add it please? Thanks

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Over-riding core file would be last thing we should do unless there are no other option, since you need to port the file in each incremental upgrade.

Instead I would do one of the below

  1. To add filtes, fields etc to report i would implement hook_civicrm_alterReportVar via extension or module or plugin

  2. If the requirement is too complex than i would create new report file extending Repeat Contribution report(see example)

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