E.g. ss = ß, ae = ä, ue = ü, oe = ö

Our language is German but English-speaking colleagues should be able to search for German contacts without having to copy a character from the character table. In addition, as native speakers, we sometimes don't know whether a surname is spelled with ß or ss. We then always have to look for both variants.

Is there a solution for this?

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You can use MySQL wildcards in most search fields. Using a percentage sign will find either character - e.g. G%nther will find Gunther, Günther, and Guenther. Note that this slows down searches, especially if it's at the very front of the search.


Also in case of the German "Umlaute" you should be able to simply type a/o/u instead of ä/ö/ü in most searches. Searching for "Jurgen" would for example also yield all "Jürgen" in the database.

Afaik, a coherent phonetic search does not exist for CiviCRM yet.

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