My nonprofit has an online course that we plan to treat as an event as we get set up with CiviCRM. We currently use GravityForms on WordPress to offer registrants the option of a payment plan where they choose the number of months. We'd like to do that as we switch to CiviCRM. It looks like recurring payments would be a good fit but I have yet to find a way to include fields from civicrm_contribution_recur in an event registration form.

I've explored doing this through Caldera Forms but we use Stripe and the CF plugin for Stripe sends users off the page to a Stripe page, which we'd rather not do. It would be nice to do this all within CiviCRM. The necessary fields and underlying functionality are all there but so far I haven't figured out how to access them for this use.

Any pointers about how to approach this would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to do some programming if necessary but would like to get better oriented first.



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