When a contribution page passes its end date, you get the following error: enter image description here

Is there a way to let the contribution page load, but display something like what is displayed on events?

enter image description here

Ideally it would say something like.

  • This page is no longer accepting contributions.
  • This contribution page has ended.
  • Contributions are no longer being accepted on this page.

In the meantime, we are simply redirecting the pages.

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This module might be what you need

The extension allows a default contribution page to be configured (by domain), and blocks disabling or deleting of this page. Browsers accessing a disabled contribution page are redirected to the default page.

or, now i reread your post :-), could be a good place to add a new feature since i think you are saying 'my pages are not disabled, they are just past their use-by-date'

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