My activation of CiviCRM WordPress plugin was halted by database error message:

"An auto_increment_increment value greater than 1 is not currently supported. Please see issue CRM-7923 for further details and potential workaround."

Have searched for number string 7923 but without any results. Does anyone here remember this issue or the potential database workarounds so that I can raise a focussed support ticket for my hosting supplier, please? It's one of just three red stripes remaining on the plugin installation screen. (One is a permissions issue, the other is about database triggers and may clear itself if I can resolve the auto_increment_increment issue. Otherwise, I've got green lines for the rest, which is good to go.)


I have never heard of this before, but did track down the issue for you:

CRM-7923: Installation procedure relies on contiguous auto increment ids

Read the thread more closely to be sure, but from a glance it looks like this command may be needed in your hosting environment:

cd sites/all/modules/civicrm/sql
sed -i '1i\SET SESSION auto_increment_increment=1;\nSET SESSION auto_increment_offset=1;' *.mysql

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