On WP 5.6 / CiviCRM 5.32 we can't succeed to send HTML e-mails using css in <style> and {literal} (see this post) knowing that we succeed in sending html templates with in-line css.

Smarty is set on '1' in civicrm.settings.php but my question is if smarty is "really" activated and if there's a way to check this parameter.

* Enable this constant, if you want to send your email through the smarty
 * templating engine(allows you to do conditional and more complex logic)
if (!defined('CIVICRM_MAIL_SMARTY')) {
  define( 'CIVICRM_MAIL_SMARTY', 1 );

Any idea?


easy answer indeed : send an e-mail with this code


You should get something like:

Jan 14, 2021


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