When I use the 'Find Cases' report (from the Case menu), and I select [Delete Cases] it does nothing. And it looks de different. Like this: enter image description here

CiviCRM version 5.34.alpha1 on Drupal:

And besides that, the search part looked funny too:enter image description here The search from and the to fields are visible.

In the JavaScript console I see the following message in red:

select2.min.js?qmiq9r:75 Uncaught query function not defined for Select2 custom_13_from

It has to do with an added custom field. See: enter image description here

Its a range and an option list.


  • Go to the custom field definition (it's somewhere on cases, for techies, you can find the id in the javascript error.
  • Change the Field Input Type to Single Line Input Field
  • Now Search by Range is visible. Uncheck it.
  • Set the 'Field Input Type' back to the former value.
  • And save.

The case report should by back to normal.


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