While exploring the migration our installation to Wordpress due to headches with webforms and d8, my hope was to use CiviVolunteer's volunteer opportunity form, triggering an email which sends a URL to secondary profile that includes a checksum, allowing the applicant to add more / update their information, similar to what is described in this answer.

However, as was already pointed out in another question, this generates an error, “No user/contact ID was specified, so the Profile cannot be used in edit mode”. Unfortunately, the selected answer does not work in this case, because using mode="create" does not propitiate the fields with that user's information.

I have tried the old method of wrapping it in a members_logged_in shortcode, but had the same trouble described in that question. Additionally, after clicking submit the initial error is displayed.

I have not yet tried enabling Profile submissions from an external site and wonder how the fields would be filled in even if I did.

My preference would really be to avoid a third party form like Caldera or Contact 7, considering the reason I'm exploring this CMS in the first place.

For reference: the test contact is an individual, there are no custom fields yet, all fields have been set to visibility public, all of the /'s are %2F's.

Any advice or assistance appreciated!

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