I get the above statement when I try to import a membership. I have coded the date in different ways, and eventhough the fields match with my definition I get the same answer. Really I wonder why this field is mandatory and my import fail as a consequence. Can anyone help? I have already registered the Contact so this is step two.

  • Just curiosity, when you look at the csv in a text editor of some sort, what does the date value look like? Perhaps converting the date field to text, ensuring it remains as 'yyyymmdd' etc would help? – RayWright Feb 5 at 23:21
  • Thanks for your comment. I believe that the fallout was that the date was set to tomorrow, instad of today or yestertime. The fault message was therefore unclear! – Claes Rickeby Feb 7 at 8:20

It depends on the date format you have selected on Import Membership form when you try to upload the import file

enter image description here

  • Thanks for coming back to me! Well,I hoped I had clearly described that I had matched the date styles, and still it does not work! I tried several different, and the registration still does not work. I can supet that I made another mistake, and the error message might not be too clear. The otters two imports, Contribution and Contact work well as the need for date is not mandatory. – Claes Rickeby Jan 26 at 16:54

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