I am trying to configure a Drupal 8 Webform to support payment for Memberships, but there seems no connection between the Membership field and the Payment fields. On D7, when configuring a Contribution on a Webform it asks for a Contribution Page to use, but not on D8.

Is this a bug, or just not yet implemented?


It’s a new feature! It is no longer necessary to create a Contribution Page 🙂

  • Karin - got a link to a documentation page?
    – Alan Dixon
    Feb 5 at 17:06
  • No - not yet! It’s pretty straightforward though! :-) Feb 5 at 17:13
  • OK, thanks. I have just rebuilt my webform (and had updated the code as well), and it is now creating a membership and a payment. There are a few further comments I will raise separately. Feb 6 at 16:21

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