Bounce processing has not been working - but I do have a list of addresses that have been bounced. What I want to do is bulk update all those matching contacts and put their emails on hold.

I cant see a way of doing that. Is there?


You can add an extra column to your spreadsheet called "On Hold" and assign it 1, another one called "hold date" and then (3 options below, choose 1):

  1. import your sheet (using eileen's csv import extension) as "emails", with appropriate matching rules.


  1. If you're brave, you could upload your sheet as it's own table and do an sql "Update" on the civicrm_email table joining your new table via the email addresses.

  2. You might be able to just import your sheet as a regular contact import with your strict matching rule, if your email addresses are unique (I'm not sure whether this would work, but it might be the easiest if it does - the part I'm not sure about is whether the mapping you get would expose the is-on-hold field and on-hold-date field).

  • why not just import the emails (assuming unique), add to a Group, then bulk update their Comm Prefs, or does that last step not exist or not cover the OP
    – petednz - fuzion
    Feb 6 at 0:48
  • Sounds like how it should work, but I'm not seeing a bulk action to put on hold, only to unhold. There might be an extension that provides that action.
    – Alan Dixon
    Feb 8 at 14:42

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