Is there a way to automatically install and enable CiviCRM extensions? Is it possible to do this via drush on a Drupal install for example? Or is use if the UI required?

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The cv cli tool provides the following commands for working with extensions:

ext:disable             Disable an extension
ext:download            Download and enable an extension
ext:enable              Enable an extension
ext:uninstall           Uninstall an extension and purge its data
ext:upgrade-db          Apply DB upgrades for any extensions
ext:list                List extensions (local and remote)

To see the full list of commands, type cv in your console.

Or if you prefer drush (Drupal only):

civicrm-ext-disable    Disable a CiviCRM extension.                                                                                      
civicrm-ext-install    Install a CiviCRM extension.                                                                                      
civicrm-ext-list       List of CiviCRM extensions enabled.                                                                               
civicrm-ext-uninstall  Uninstall a CiviCRM extension.                                                                                    

civicrm-buildkit uses

drush cvapi extension.install


drush -y -u admin cvapi extension.install key=org.civicrm.module.cividiscount debug=1

Using the Drush commands as Coleman says is probably easier (no -u admin at least), but adding this method for completeness.


You can now use eg

cv ext:download ca.civicrm.logviewer

which would give an output of

Using extension feed "https://civicrm.org/extdir/ver=4.7.27|uf=Drupal|status=stable|ready=ready"

Downloading extension "ca.civicrm.logviewer" (https://github.com/adixon/ca.civicrm.logviewer/archive/1.1.zip)

and which unzips and renames the extension correctly and enables it. Job done!

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