I'm not having any luck with upgrading one install to 5.33.2! Last week it was orphans in a relationship table. This week the conversion ran OK but was unusable with dashboard crashes for some users when they logged in - traceback here. In trying to fix I emptied the civicrm_dashboard_contact table, then a user could login OK and get the 2 default dashboard entries (news and getting started) but when they logged out and back in they got the same crash. This seemed to affect only users who are restricted by ACLs to see certain groups, which I don't understand - I gave them the Drupal permission to see the 'contact dashboard' (which isn't the same dashboard, is it?). Weird, because another install upgraded to 5.33.2 worked OK, but this install does go back to 2013 so I'm thinking maybe a table/index definition - the table civicrm_dashboard_contact has an extra index (compared to the 5.33.2 system install that works) as follows - but the duplicate key in the traceback is index_dashboard_id_contact_id and not the dashboard_id.

(PS. I restored the system back to 5.28.3 as it was unusable)

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