I am importing a Database from a civicrm Drupal installation to a new server with a WP instalation. I came across a bunch of issues but seemed to have worked most of them out. Many of thoise issues were tablkes that were not imported. I manually imported thse few and things seem to be fine, However, there is one table that I cannot import. the civicrm_worlregion table. I am getting a DB Error: no such table error whenever searching for a contact (or performing other things). From the logs it is showing that it is missing the table civicrm_worldregion (which when checking my DB it is missing that table) however when trying to create such a table (or even import that table) I am getting a foreign key error. Any ideas on how to move forward?

  • What do you have for SHOW CREATE TABLE civicrm_country;? It has a foreign key to worldregion, so technically you would need to create worldregion first. You could also try first set foreign_key_checks=0; and then set it back to 1 after. – Demerit Feb 22 at 5:21

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