I have the following civicrm_tabset hook call, and it works great on initial page load. If a contact has 5 resumes, it shows the 5 next to the tab's title, like so: "Resumes 5". All good there.

However, when I click on the tab title and it opens my custom page, the tab title changes from 5 to 0. It refreshes that count back to 0. I'm not sure why. Is there something I need to be passing at the page level to make sure that count remains at 5?

 $url = CRM_Utils_System::url( 'civicrm/contact/talent-resume', "reset=1&force=1&cid=$contact_id" );
    $tabs[] = array(
      'id'    => 'resumes',
      'url'   => $url,
      'title' => "Resumes",
      'weight' => 300,
      'count' => $resumes,
      'class' => "livePage",
      'icon' => 'crm-i fa-file',

The html of the tab looks fine, it shows the crm-count-5 in the class, so I'm not sure what is wrong here:

<li id="tab_resumes" class="crm-tab-button ui-corner-all crm-count-5 livePage ui-tabs-tab ui-corner-top ui-state-default ui-tab" role="tab" tabindex="-1" aria-controls="ui-id-31" aria-labelledby="ui-id-30" aria-selected="false" aria-expanded="false">

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