I'm trying to create a custom start page with content views and data processors. This page will contain a newsletter archive and selected events besides the wordpress posts. As I understand I need the content views pro version to combine different content types into one list? Can I also filter the events by membership type/anonymous user?

Right now I'm struggling to set up the newsletter or event view. Is it possible to set fields as title and content of the "post"? I.e. so that the "Veranstaltungstitel" Lauftraining is the title and the "Beschreibung" is the content so that the events are formatted the same as a post? See the two images as a comparison. Is it then possible to direct the user to the event page on a click on the title? Event View Post View

If that's not possible (even in the pro version of content view) I might be able to write myself a plugin that does that, but I would like to avoid it.

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