I'd like to filter out specific contacts from a (contribution) report, based on a manually enabled or disabled custom field. By default everyone should be included in the report, but if the checkbox is enabled (e.g.), the contact should be skipped from being listed in the report. I already have thousands of contacts for whom I need to have the default inclusion.

I experience a problem that CiviCRM is behaving differently in cases when (a) there IS NOT a specific value in the custom field; (b) there is no value (null) in the custom field.


If I create a new custom field with a CheckBox. enter image description here

And filter contribution report by contacts where checkbox is enabled, the report returns 63 results (instead of hundreds). enter image description here

If I filter by contacts where checkbox is disabled, the report returns 0 results.

The majority of results are not returned in either scenario - whether I filter by checkbox ON or OFF. I'd guess it must be some third value - null or not enabled.

enter image description here

Interestingly, these 63 results are still returned although I have just created a fresh custom field. Why are not the others?

Anyhow, how can I include everyone in the report, except for manually selected few?

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    Is adding these contacts to a group an option? Then you can filter by NOT IN or IS IN group X. Then you would not have a third option of NULL – Iowa Boy Mar 3 at 21:02

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