I am a volunteer from a non-profit organization that has problems with the installation of civicrm. We already have civicrm in worpress on an Aruba host (and it works), but we wanted to move to drupal.

I understand that I have to install locally first and then transfer everything to my site (is that right?).

I tried to install CIVICRM locally via XAMPP and Composer on my Windows computer following the documentation (https://docs.civicrm.org/installation/en/latest/drupal8/).

When I get to the "Run the installer" step, I navigate to "Extend" and click on install the "CiviCRM Core" module.

I get the following error: CiviCRM: System: The settings file "C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ drupal \ sites / default \ civicrm.settings.php" cannot be created. Ensure the parent folder is writable.

I tried to change the permissions and check the installation steps, but obviously something is wrong (due to my ignorance :/ )

How can I solve the problem?


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On windows use attrib -r C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal\sites\default to make it writable.


The above answer of @Dermerit worked.

Just need to fix the Read-only property. Before I could find this answer, I endlessly - changed file permission of Autenticated Users to Add more Permissions - Full Control , Modify and Write

But, it did not worked, then, I changed the file permissions for Users - added more permission for User -

Full Control , Modify and Write - but again this did not worked. And, when the \sites\default folder did not worked, I went above the folders root, tried with them, maybe - somewhere the error could exist with file-permission.

But again did not worked, or - Configuration permission by anonymous Users did not worked either.

As, I was using Apache, for my setup the full working command is -

attrib -r C:\Apache24\htdocs\domn04\sites\default

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