Somewhere between 5.15 and 5.36, javascript starts breaking on all member reports.

In the html body, javascript is searching for

$originalElement = $dateElement.siblings('#membership_join_date_from').hide(),
        date_format = $originalElement.attr('format'),

and later does

date_format.indexOf('m') > -1

In my source, membership_join_date_from is not a sibling of $dateElement. it is nested inside a sibling span.crm-form-date-wrapper (and it doesnt have an attribute called format).

So date_format is undefined and the error stops javascript execution; the form layout with tabs and such breaks, even showing the SQL output when generating results.

Since nobody seems to have this, I am wondering if it is something with my reports ?


OK, my bad. I had to update the nz.co.fuzion.extendedreport extension, too.

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