I am running CiviCRM with the extension Moregreetings.

After upgrading CiviCRM to version 5.36 without other problems, I got two notifications:

Unknown extension: de.systopia.moregreetings Warning: Error loading module file (). Please restore the file or disable the module.

I am wondering how I have to solve this issue. I would like to know if it is safe just to reinstall the extension. I fear to loose the huge work for setting up this extension.


I'm guessing when you upgraded you somehow deleted your extensions folder. All you need to do is put the code files for the moregreetings extension back into that folder.

  • Thank you. Probably, I installed the extension the first time in a wrong directory (but it worked until the update!). Now I extracted the files in $DRUPAL_ROOT/sites/default/files/civicrm/ext. I still had to disable and to enable the extension in order to make it work. If the installation instructions of the extension moregreetings were clearer, this wouldn't have happened. Apr 19 '21 at 7:30

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