This is on CiviCRM 5.36.

I try and create a rule with, say, First Name and Last Name, both having a weight of 10. If I set any Threshold greater than 10 so as to require both to match, I get the error:

Weight Threshold to Consider Contacts 'Matching': 11 Total weight must be greater than or equal to the Weight Threshold.

I first saw this when trying to change the usage on an existing rule which had worked previously.

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This has been fixed and will be part of next 5.36 release this week.

You can either wait for the never version release or apply patch from here.




Known error. Fixed in Commit https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/commit/b1212927a34f1086e6911fea5405595a40c5bcf9

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