I have installed the extension to work with IParl. I am at the stage in the intructions where I want to test whether the API is working.

The instructions https://github.com/artfulrobot/uk.artfulrobot.civicrm.iparl

The instructions you can test it using curl or http. Where would I actually write this script? I do have access the command line on the server but I'm not overly familiar with it yet. Would I create the script in a small file and run it from the command line?

curl -k -L 'https://yoursite.org/civicrm/iparl-webhook'
-d secret=helloHorseHeadLikeYourJumper
-d name=Jo
-d surname=Bloggs
-d [email protected]
-d actionid=1 or, with httpie

http --verify no -f POST 'https://yoursite.org/civicrm/iparl-webhook'

Thanks for your help.

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While these commands are split into multiple lines for readability, that curl statement is a single command. You can paste that straight into your command line; depending on your shell, you might need to remove line breaks so it's all on a single line.

  • Great that worked - thanks Jon!
    – Caroline B
    Commented Apr 21, 2021 at 22:10

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