I'm having trouble re-installing CiviCRM 5.31. on Wordpress, hosted on Ubuntu 20.

I needed to uninstall an earlier version, and I now want to install the latest version.

When I activate the plugin I am unable to run the installer or updater.

I get a message saying 'Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.'

I have tried running the plugin in troubleshooting mode with all other plug-ins deactivated, and the same error occurs.

The installation process is not generating a 'civicrm.settings.php' file

I've installed a WP DB Cleaner, which is reporting that two tables exist

civicrm_view_case_activity_recent civicrm_view_case_activity_upcoming

When I have attempted to drop or delete these tables they don't seem to be removed.

Is there something I am doing, or is there a work-around for problems of this kind?



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