my first test of Backdrop 1.83 with CiviCRM 5.36.1 via MAMP 6.3 PHP 7.4.12) failed

backdrop installed correctly
civicrm installed correctly, no error
when i try to reach the civicrm dashboard: empty page

just the admin menu is displayed, but no link can be opened ..
tested on SAFARI and EPIC (chrome-like) on macos 10.14.6

civi empty page

réponse du site (exemple) :
Page non trouvée
Ajouter une redirection d'URL de cette page vers un autre emplacement
Vous êtes ici : Accueil
La page demandée "/backdrop183/backdrop183/civicrm/a/" n'a pas pu être trouvée.
what's YOUR experience?

  • I use CiviCRM with Backdrop often. I haven't used MAMP but it should be usable. Does the rest of the Backdrop site work correctly? – Laryn - CEDC.org Apr 25 at 12:49

The URL looks off to me. The link to the dashboard should be /civicrm?reset=1 and to the status page /civicrm/a/#/status. /civicrm/a/ is not a page and I also get "Unknown path" when navigating there in a Backdrop install. Perhaps check to see if your URLs are being rewritten in apache?

  • i will ! thanks – punkyard May 6 at 9:55
  • hi robinson, well isn't it rewritten in htaccess script? – punkyard May 12 at 0:30
  • I have reinstalled installed backdrop manually and normally on a shared server this time, then uploaded CiviCRM 5.37, same issue I havent set anything, just did the installs, and checked the admin permissions (which were all off) – punkyard May 12 at 0:35
  • shall I turn the htaccess down in every folder for testing ? – punkyard May 12 at 0:37
  • civicrm.settings.php is missing in both installs .. – punkyard May 12 at 0:37

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